M1161 Light Strike Vehicle
GROWLER manufactures the M1161 Light Strike Vehicle (LSV, NSN: 2320-01-531-2701) and M1163 Prime Mover (PM, NSN: 2320-01-531-7659). These vehicles are used by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and fielded as a light attack vehicles to support expeditionary forces. The M1161 replaces the Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (IFAV). The M1161 and M1163 are the only tactical vehicles certified by the US Military to fly in the V-22. This new design includes a hinged pintle hook, removable and collapsible roll cage and vehicle stacking capability.
The M1161 is air certified in the V22, CH47, CH53, and C130. In addition to its flight certification, the M1161 has also passed all transportability testing including all applicable FMVSS requirements and a 12,000-mile reliability/durability test. The M1161 has been thoroughly tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds as well as the National Automotive Testing Center. As part of our design efforts, Growler has received three patents on the M1161, including a patent on a break-down role cage in order to meet the human engineering standards for personnel as well as height requirements of the V-22.
The M1161 has some unique features that make it well suited for many applications:
- Auto tire inflation system
- 4-wheel steering
- Push-button terrain control
- The M1161 is the only program of record for wheeled vehicles in the V-22
- The M1161 is fully provisioned and has a full technical and maintenance manuals.

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