M1163 Prime Mover

GROWLER manufactures the M1163 Prime Mover (PM, NSN: 2320-01-531-7659) and M1161 Light Strike Vehicle (LSV, NSN: 2320-01-531-2701). These vehicles are used by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and fielded as a light attack vehicles to support expeditionary forces. The M1161 and 1163 replaces the Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (IFAV). The M1161 and M1163 are the only tactical vehicles certified by the US Military to fly in the V-22. This new design includes a hinged pintle hook, removable and collapsible roll cage and vehicle stacking capability.

The M1161 vehicle is a highly mobile V-22 ITV capable of conducting sustained medium-to-long range missions. The M1161 is, at this at any given moment, providing the ground commander a V-22 transportable platform to transport equipment and personnel into hostile territory

Fording. The M1161 has been tested for fording salt or fresh water to a depth of 30 inches without additional snorkels or exhaust extensions at 5 mph.

Speed. Top speed of M1161 and M1163 is 85 MPH  and has a crawl speed of 3 MPH.

Blackout Drive. Current vehicle is equipped to operate in blackout drive environment and is compatible with night vision equipment.

SilentSilent Watch. Growler can provide an alternator/battery Power Management System capable of supplying a manpack radio with electrical power for 4 hours of operation without discharge of the battery to a level too low to restart the vehicle and with a recharge time of 30 minutes or less at idle.

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